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First Light of the Day

Oliver, British Columbia

Mrs. Brown's Class


"What Have We Learned"

Mrs. Brown's Class

What have we learned?

What was in Saskatchewan

What the machines look like in Saskatchewan

What kinds of projects they have in Drake Elementary School

There is a school in a place called Bamfield

Ross and Tyler are the best at chatting

Residential school kids almost got beaten to death

In Kamloops, they are ruining their spiritual ceremony grounds and stuff

Our family keeps in touch by phoning, mailing a letter and by visiting in person

Jason Dixon's real last name is Sam

Chris' dad was the first one to come to Canada

What we like best about the project

Wampum box exchange

What was the hardest part of the project?

Remembering my password and chatting

Researching my ancestors

Would we advise another teacher to join the program?


        This modern school is the band owned and operated.