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Inman Elementary School, Burnaby, B.C.

Ms. Eisler's Fourth Grade Class

Mrs. Brown's Class

"What Have We Learned"


Mrs. Brown's Class

What did you like best about the project?

The chance to learn about other places

Learn about other people's culture and religion


What was the hardest part of the project?

Finding time to do it

List three things you think you learned the culture of a partner school

Native Culture

Old Traditions

They have advanced in sports, technologies.


List three benefits that your school or community get from the project.

Learning about their culture

Learning about Northern British Columbia

Learning about all the technology they have for being so north.

Do you think that a program such as this could or should be an important part of going to school in Canada?

Have chance to learn about people from outside your district and get to talk with other kids from across Canada