October 3, 2000



I want to congratulate the KIDS FROM KA-NA-TA program for your commitment of youth development through the means of communications. Communicating is essential to achieve greater understanding of the diversity of cultures within Canada, and is also how we recognize and celebrate our uniqueness as peoples. Communicaion is a key for our youth so they can begin to speak with a strong voice and begin to build strong relations among the nations.

I am pleased to learn that your Millennium Program focuses on Land, Language and History. All three themes are areas of particular interest to the Assembly of First Nations and to all First Nations Peoples in Canada.

Land is central in the life of First Nations. We are working hard to ensure FIrst Nations have adequate land to build strong communities.

Languages are central to our identity as distinct people. We are taking all the necessary steps to keep our languages alive to ensure they live on into the new millennium.

History reminds us of the paths our ancestors walked and bears truth of our existence as First Nations people. Knowing this history helps us to understand where we have come from, where we were at, and provide us with a better understanding of the direction we can choose to pursue.

I applaud the efforts of all those involved in this project, and I hold the deepest respect for the Aboriginal Elders who have contributed to this program.

I wish you great success.



Matthew Coon Come

National Chief

Assembly of First Nations